Monday, February 7, 2011

Naemeh Shirazi's Accessories for the Active Woman

Serena and Venus Williams are among the most fash
ionable and glamorous athletes on the tennis courts. Michelle Wie rocks on the golf links and back in the 80's Flo Jo (Florence Griffith Joyner) sported one-legged leotards, fabulous manicures and lots of gold jewelry while she was setting U.S. and world records in track and field competitions.

Women athletes want a "look" that matches their strength and boldness. And, more and more, they are going for "glam" accessories that compliment their accomplishments - jewelry that says a bit more than the understated look of diamond stud earrings.

Naemeh Shirazi's sculpted lace earrings make a bold statement without getting in the way of the athlete's performance. Available in multiple styles and colors, her earrings are nearly weightless yet make a strong impact.

Naemeh, a Stevie's Artisan, produces her feather weight designs in striking silhouettes by sculpting yardage of durable, intricately designed lace. Similar to a sculptor working in stone, she deliberately removes excess lace from the selected yardage until the desired form emerges. The sculpted lace fragments are then paired with sterling silver findings to produce a seeming weightless, beautiful accessory that is perfect for an athletic woman.

Naemeh's recycled and repurposed wearable art: earrings and pendants fashioned from lace fragments, are perfect for today's active woman - at work, working out or going out.

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